Our bit in rising the popularity of the farm-to-table concept, we are rejoicing at the choice and benefits of eating locally-grown produce and serving seasonal dishes.

We wish to serve enthusiasts with food prepared from ingredients of our own farm or acquiring them from local farmers, which not only boosts the local economy but also reduces the carbon footprint. It ensures sourcing directly from farmers without having to pass through middlemen, reducing the transport time (as they are not shipped long distances) and keeping nutrition as intact as possible.

Knowing where your food comes from and the way it was grown or sourced is key for you to consciously opt for better choices. This makes the enitre dining experience more wholesome.

It would be fair to state that Uttarakhand Himalayas has an immense wealth of flavour which is evidently seen in our cuisines.

We are exploring the abundance to form an ingredient-based menu, chef's tasting menu, no less, establishing slow food in the culinary scene.

Our long term plan is to make “Divi Dining" a place of work and hence raising respect and confidence of special children.