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Experience the village life by the river, a view where each would have their own reason to escape even in a group. Nishantam Rishikesh, Stays by the river.

Perfectly nested on the banks of Him River ( Him a shortform for Himalayas) which merges 500m ahead into the Roaring Ganges. At a distance of only 7 kms from Spiritual Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, the World Capital of Yoga. The “adventure” to trek your room awaits you as your drive reaches its roadside destination. If luxury is identified by a star lobby arrival, then the roadside and the narrow steep trek is a far cry from it. Sloping 150ft through Jungle, the trek ends by the welcoming sound of the river with the retreat emerging. Guarding it East across the river is the famous Gori Forest Range with its famous deers & peacock, West is the Rajaji National Tiger reserve, the valley opens to the Majestic Ganges in North.

About Nishantam

The design frame is inclusive of the natural topography and so in its frame are step fields, rocks and the river. The stones on the rooms come from the river and the river is central to the expereince. So in a way there is no divide between the guest and the world around them.

Things turn truly ceremonious and unprecedented with the awe-inspiring 22 unique design rooms for each unique guest, a work of sheer creativity and a reason to enjoy this indoors

The slow kitchen serves local Himalayan cusines, preserving nourishment value and natural flavour of each component. Nishanttaru farming activities in two villages within the radius of 20 kms helps achieve this.

The locals are trained for hospitality which could be slow and a contrast to escalated hospitality ... but its kept simple and natural, with a “guest is god ” inception.

About Nishantam

An alternative from five star delusions of luxury …… offering Soul. Solitude. Spirituality.

Soul: What we share with each other is often forgotten in our personal pursuits. Come together, to return as one.

  • Family Retreats
  • Introduction to Nature Hikes
  • Rebonding Reunions

Solitude: : It's not about being alone. Or aloof. Solitude comes from being comfortable with yourself. Even amongst others.

  • Writers Unblocked
  • Open Canvas for Artists
  • Photographers Under Light

Spirituality: : There is a higher truth. And it is within reach.

  • Yoga Retreats
  • TTC
  • Meditation
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About Nishantam
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